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Personal Assistant / Private Secretary / Executive Secretary

Perfectly organised…

Are you looking for an organisational talent, someone with a natural flair for organisation, a personal assistant with high standards that can take care of your business and private errands in a reliable, trustworthy and professional manner?

Are you looking for a private secretary, who can manage, structure and organise your office in a competent and confident manner? Someone who attends to every secretarial task perfectly and to the highest standards?

Are you looking for a professional organiser who manages the most difficult tasks and makes the impossible possible? Someone who is also in perfect command of the English language?

Are you looking for a home manager, who can organise your household reliably and confidently? Are you short of time and would like to be informed about furnishing, decorating and interior design?

I will organise and attend to every task to your entire satisfaction, as a professional secretary and a foreign language correspondent. I conduct my VIP services with a strong affinity and passion for order and structure, as a house manager with a predilection for perfection and order, and as a professional organiser with both fashion and taste.

"He who plans ahead is master of the day"
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe