Portfolio Gabriela Scheppmann

I discovered my passion for a cosmopolitan lifestyle during my numerous travels, which included extended stays in London and Los Angeles. My talent for organizing everyday life, and the flexibility I developed in order to manage in the best possible way, were of particular help to me in my turbulent marriage with the musician Michael Schenker.

For me, meeting and being with people from different cultures with diverse fashions and artistic tastes is a way of life. Through my involvement with the music and media industry, including experience in marketing, project management and as a personal assistant, I learned to master self-organization and work methodically. These skills in turn allowed me to project perfect poise in any formal or informal environment. I am reliable, competent, discreet, and my integrity and enjoyment of what I do comes through in my work.

My good friend and former brother-in-law Rudolf Schenker, guitarist of the German rock band "The Scorpions", has been a personal inspiration in my life. It is he who convinced me to transform my skills into a service that others can benefit from.

A native to the city of Hanover, I have now settled in Hamburg and I am very much looking forward to attending to your every need.

"He who says it’s impossible, should not stand in the way of the one who does it"
Asian proverb